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A Review of Bluehost

If you are looking to launch a website and are looking for a web host, then you might look at the prospect of Bluehost as your preferred choice. But before that, you should get some information about one of the most famous and popular web hosting companies around at the moment. Although it is one of the oldest web hosts around, it still can compete with the newer companies because it has not stayed stagnant and has evolved with time, overhauling its plan structure, increasing the bandwidth, the number of domains, the speed, upgrading the servers, and so on.

However, despite making all these upgrades, the prices have remained more or less affordable Review of Bluehost

Whether it is for a small business or a large one. Moreover, the management of Bluehost and that of HostMonster are the same and these two most popular web hosts have more or less similar offers. However, the difference is that if you are not looking for a long-term commitment, then Bluehost should be the one to choose.

Bluehost is highly reliable regarding the support system and the backup plans.

You can look forward to having a very secure and reliable backup for all your data and a very good customer support center. Furthermore, the uptime provided is also great and the high-quality servers and equipment ensure that it can hold it stable as well. Moreover, in terms of administration, there are plenty of tools available for that.

However, the one disadvantage is that Bluehost is only made for Linux

However, the features allow both types of users, professional and ordinary, to operate. Moreover, the package that the web host provides is ideal for you to be able to do your work in an environment based on a Linux web host. These include one of the best control panels around at the moment or cPanel, Fantastico, one of the most user-friendly script installation software around as well.

The different customization packages that are available at your disposal are also very helpful in so far as the beautification of your page is concerned. In terms of hardware, the DDOS protection that the company has apart from the several other backup plans is very useful in terms of data protection and security.

Bluehost has more or less decent service and the customer satisfaction in that regard is more or less deserved thanks to the good service.

A survey reported that the average uptime that the company has provided in the recent past stands at 99.3%, which is a bit higher than most others except HostMonster.

Review of Bluehost

When it comes to the price plan, there is only one plan offered by the company and this shows their faith in their product as well. For an annual contract, you will have to pay around $ 7.95 a month, whereas you will need to pay only around $ 6.95 for a biennial contract. All these features and perks make Bluehost a very good web hosting platform.

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